Working for various renowned young architects, such as:
Jeroen van Mechelen (StudioJVM), Anne Holtrop, Junya Ishigami and HofmanDujardin Architects, has given me a lot of experience and readiness to start my own studio. While simultaneously working as a freelance architect and setting up my own office,

I received a grant for talent development from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund, partially based on my Master thesis: The Peninsula re-discovered. Below you can see some of the projects I'm working on right now, some that I'm collaborating on with friends and some that I have done in the past.


After starting my studies at the Technical University in Delft,
I received a master's degree in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. Next to my conventional assignments,
I am developing four conceptual projects. These projects include building with straw bales, realizing a green and public roof scape and creating a poetic work in which a cloud of glass gives you the feeling of floating above the clouds. Material and craft is very interesting to me when it comes to architecture. I continuously ask myself, “what is all possible with this material?” The relationship of the built environment and landscape is important to me. Two extremes fascinate me: the dense city and the big empty landscape. I dream of nature in the city and living in the wilderness. My work has no overriding intellectual or aesthetic agenda but comes from my curious and inquisitive nature. In my work there is a promising desire to explore and reconsider the way we build and how we treat our built environment.

What can I do for you? Because of the wide range of different work I have done so far, I have a broad-based experience in all levels of the design and building process. Through an intense collaboration with clients, carefully selected advisors and interested collaborators, I can be providing full architectural and interior design services for both public and private sectors. For availability and rates don't hesitate to contact me at details below.